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Magic Camp After School

a.k.a., Fantastic Magic Camp To-Go, Fantastic Magic Camp has teamed up with nationally acclaimed DISCOVER MAGIC to deliver magic programs for schools, home-school groups, community centers, youth organizations, country clubs, and other organizations.

Fantastic Magic Camp became a franchise partner of DISCOVER MAGIC six years ago as a way to deliver enhanced teaching materials to our campers. We are now prepared to expand beyond our winter, spring, and summer camps by offering a series of both online and in-person magic courses to outside organizations.

We chose to partner with DISCOVER MAGIC because their teaching style and goals mirrored those that Fantastic Magic Camp has developed over the last 27 years. This is due, in great part, to the fact that internationally acclaimed magician and educator Michael Ammar was a frequent guest and magic teacher at Fantastic Magic Camp years before he designed the DISCOVER MAGIC program.

DISCOVER MAGIC focuses on magic, fun, and learning. The magic makes the fun happen; the fun makes the learning easy.


  • Four full-length “wand courses” taught over a period of days or weeks in person or online.

  • Single-day workshops and optional stand-alone tricks.

  • Unique, high-quality custom props, materials, and online resources you won’t find in off-the-shelf magic kits.


  • Surprises! Discover Magic Kids learn something new in every lesson that they can share right away with their friends and family.

  • Unique games that help them explore their creativity, feel connected to the group, and build lasting friendships.

  • Bonus content to practice over time, so they can take their Discover Magic experience as far as they want to go.


  • The Eight Traits of a True Magician; They are Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving.

  • Our unique “power practice” approach where kids perform for each other – and help each other – from the very start to build friendships and teamwork

  • Practice and exploration through a 24/7 “video vault” that provides access to past lessons kids can review again and again, and optional bonus lessons they can master on their own.

DISCOVER MAGICis unlike any other enrichment program. That’s because it is …

  • Rooted in empathy -- Magic is unique. No other art form, skill, or hobby depends as much on the performer putting themselves in other people’s shoes as magic does.

  • About personal development, not just skill development -- Discover Magic is focused on kids growing through magic, not growing kids into magicians.

  • A productive use of time – Discover magic isn’t a “babysitting” program. It doesn’t just fill time. It engages kids in fun things to do, learn, explore, and practice – even when they’re at home.

If you are interested in including Fantastic Magic Camp/DISCOVER MAGIC in the activities of an organization you are involved with, please send an email to

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