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Youth Leader Training Academy

Love Magic Camp? Once a camper turns 13, the magic doesn’t have to stop. A new and exciting opportunity – open only to campers – awaits!

The adventure begins with an invitation to join our Youth Leader Training Academy (YLTA).


Fantastic Magic Camp Youth Leader Training benefits both team members and the young campers. The immediate benefit is that campers have highly trained young counselors as role models. We are proud that every staff member, instructor, director and board member was once a Fantastic Magic Camper! The long-term benefits are leadership skills and character strengths that last a lifetime, ensuring that YLTA members become strong contributors to society.


Every year, starting in January, the YLTA team embarks on a series of advanced leadership and life skills training courses .  Team members attend specialized workshops on First Aid, CPR, working with campers who have special needs, role modeling, creative game playing, and other issues important to mentoring young campers. Additionally, YLTA members receive training in time management, goal setting, social media etiquette, and issues as mundane (but important) as personal hygiene and how to clean a bathroom.


After a team member has completed the required hours of training, they become a Counselor In Training (CIT). During camp sessions, CITs shadow more experienced counselors and assist in the camp’s daily operation. Over the course of five years, a YLTA member receives 350 hours of training, as they move up the ranks to counselor and then senior counselor. YLTA members 18 and older may apply to join our staff. One of the greatest benefits of our training program is that because everyone who works at our camp, including the director, was at one time a camper, they truly understand our program and the needs of every camper.


In the past, the members of our YLTA have helped train adult counselors of other camps and have also presented leadership corporate programs. If you would like our YLTA Team to present a Leadership program for your company or organization, please send an email to

“All the fun I had as a camper and a counselor – and everything I learned at Fantastic Magic Camp – really paid off when I applied to college. All the admissions officers asked about it! Thanks for helping me standout from the crowd.”

"My kids love this camp so much and both said want to be future camp counselors!”



"I love that young adults act as counselors so the younger kids feel more at ease."



Former Magic Camp Counselor


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